Warm lunch for people in need / Veliko Tarnovo

Food is a vital necessity of every living being. It is equal to the need for water, air and sleep. Unfortunately, nowadays, we have a problem with all these aspects - polluted air, hectic daily life, causing a lot of stress, and many people are still enduring a lack of food and water. One of our main missions is to struggle against these problems. In this regard:


The "Gen. Protogerov" Foundation organizes a charity lunch for people in need at Marno Pole Park on September 15 (Sunday). 

You need food - we will be there for you with food and water! 

You want to help our initiative, don`t you - we will be there for you with our donation box! 

Our friends from the National Project "Tale of Bulgaria"  will also be with us to show a different world to all children! 

Start: 12.00h. We are expecting you!