Open library


Through this window, we look at worlds beyond us - new and unfamiliar. Even though through it we can see the world within us. Books give us interenal eyes. With them we look at ourselves and the world and it becomes clearer to us. 

With books you can travel further: to other continents, cultures, epochs, but the most emotional is the journey to yourself.

Guided by the idea of ​​making our beautiful city an even more harmonious place to live in, and in order to improve the reading culture in all of us, we at Gen. Protogerov Foundation cvreate 6 bookcases as Open Library. 

Every citizen or guest of Veliko Tarnovo will be able to leave, pick up or read on the spot their "window to the world". All books are absolutely free. We have an arrangement with the regional library "P.R. Slaveikov" for regular support and book re-loading. The funds for the construction of the cabinets were donated by several benefactors - Brewery "Britos", Housing Complex ORLOVETS, "Lights" Ltd., "Kaloyanova Krepost" and ice creams "DENI".

The places where you can find the cabinets are: "Marno Pole" Park, "Druzhba" Park, the bus stop in front of the City Theater, the bus stop in front of the Courthouse, in front of the regional library branch in Kolio Ficheto district, in front of the regional library branch in Buzludzha district. 

We are planing to install more cabinets. If you would like to be a benefactor to any of them - contact us via the "CONTACTS" button for details, or make your donation anonymously through the "DONATE" button.