Christmas miracle for Radi

Radi is a cheerful 16-year-old child from our town Veliko Tarnovo. He likes computers, music and his dream is to become a doctor in order to help other people. Radi is not similar to his peers, as he is suffering from a progressive muscular dystrophy.

We had a conversation with Dr Tochkov (a chief of the Pediatrics ward in "Dr Stefan Cherkezov" hospital). We, the members of "Gen.Protogerov" Foundation took a decision to bring the Christmas spirit into that family. We found out that actually Radi dreamt of something very simple - a Playstation and a TV,  on which he could play. That's the way  how the present was chosen.

We went much further following our wish to bring smiles, happiness ... and hope to the whole family. We invited our close big hearted friend - Vladi Ampov -  the Graf (one of the most famous pop singer in Bulgaria to whom Radi is a big fan, you can see that on the picture, how he's looking at him) to come with us and to hand out the present together... Vladi responded in a second. 

Thank you, Vladi! The emotion which you brought to that family could not be compared even with the most expensive present.

P.S.  Vladi wanted his deed to be anonymous because famous people should not show off with their charity ( he is right about it, for charity you need a heart not a face) 

On the contrary, we , the members of the Foundation, believe that role model is more important than anything else. Only thanks to it we may make more people fond of being better and better, only thanks to it more people will be active in taking care of others ... only in this way we would create a happier society, in which the centre is  the Human!



That's also our Christmas wish - open your hearts and help each other, when you have a helping hand towards you!

 Or choose a charity campaign and take action! Only when we help other people, we actually help ourselves,too.

 Try it, it's proven!

 Merry Christmas, friends!