Sports scholarship for Martin

Everyday small good leads to tomorrow's great miracle!

One of our main aim is to support children who have shown talents in sports, science, art and others. As we have pointed out, our priority has always been the residents of our municipality. We are proud of the fact that some of the greatest sports talents in Bulgaria, who made us famous all over the world, were born and raised here! Their names are endless and we all know them.

In search of talented children, we found Martin Marinov.

Martin trains wrestling at the "Lokomotiv" wrestling club in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa and according to his coach he shows enviable talent in this sport. Each year, Martin is ranked in the top three of the Republican Wrestling Championship in his age group.

In our wish to support the young talats of Bulgaria, we provided Martin Sport with a scholarship that will help him visit the gym more often. The scholarship amounts to BGN 720 per year (BGN 60 per month).
In case that Martin qualifies again in the top three of the Republican Championship in his age group, his scholarship will be increased to BGN 1,200 per year (BGN 100 per month).

We strongly believe that Martin will be the next sports talent to glorify our region!