Charity event for PKID "Tzarevetz"

That we live in unprecedented times is already clear to everyone. That we will all pay a price in this crisis - and this is for sure to. However, there are people who have started paying their price today - people who will be having trouble feeding their families in the coming month. And this, unfortunately, is the most vulnerable group in our society - people with special needs.

We at the Gen. Protogerov Foundation donated food, disinfectants and goods of the most urgent necessity for the coming month to the people with special needs in PKID "Tzarevetz" - Veliko Tarnovo.

We believe that we have been able to give them a moment of peace in these dynamic times and a peace of hope for the future. We believe we have shown them that no one will be forgotten.

This is our appeal to you, friends!
Today, more than ever, we must be strong and take care of others. Today, more than ever, we need to show the good with our personal example, and encourage others to be good.

Look around you, in your block, in your neighborhood, among your friends and colleagues - there are people who need help now. Aid is not always about financial support. Often a small word makes wonder.
Today is the time to be understanding, supportive and united!